Smart coatings, added value

"Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab is your guidance towards new innovative coating solutions"

The Smart Coating Application Lab offers support to technological companies that want to innovate their products with functional coatings. For more than 25 years, companies come to Sirris in Diepenbeek for their challenges in surface treatment. The Smart Coating Application Lab is the latest step taken by Sirris in the field of material optimisation, joining both vacuum (PVD, Hipims, PACVD, CVD) and wet chemical coating techniques (hybrid sol-gel, nanocomposites by spraycoating, dipping, etc.) for developing superior quality functional coatings. We can give your products the added value that will make the difference. Are you interested in scratch resistant or low friction coatings or do you want to add water resistance or self-cleaning properties to your surface? The Smart Coating Application Lab is your partner!  

From simple advice to complete prototype

The Smart Coating Application Lab is accessible to all companies, particularly SME’s. We help you carry out your project, from development to final production. We put our facilities  at your disposal. We advice you, help you to translate your requirements and we develop efficient coatings for you. In all objectivity, we work together with an extended network of research partners, commercial job coaters and suppliers aiming at providing your company the best means to come to an optimal end product within your budget, process and needs.

Sirris, the starting point for professional know-how

Sirris is the collective centre of the Belgian technology industry. We put our years of experience in surface treatments, materials and nanotechnology at the disposal of companies throughout Belgium. Besides development and production of innovative coatings, Sirris closely collaborates with other knowledge centres and universities enabling companies to choose judiciously from the wide range of available coatings and production processe.

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