Multifunctional coatings_CO

“Collective research: Multifunctional coatings from nano- and hybrid materials”

The goals of the project are:

  • to combine multiple functionalities into one single coating layer in a cost efficient way.
  • to develop coatings based on nano materials and hybrid (sol-gel) chemistry which show a good combination of properties.
  • Demonstration of the developed coatings on metal and plastic surfaces applied by industrial equipment  Coating properties benchmarked against commercially available products.


Sirris Smart Coating Application Lab has developed a transparent, UV curable with excellent easy-to-clean properties in combination with good abrasion resistance. By varying the ratio of co-binder, polyurethane binder and load of nano silica, the coating properties can be adapted to your specific needs. 

For more info, contact Heidi Van den Rul or test the coatings in our demo room during your visit to the Smart Coating Lab.


 multifunctional coatings